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"I stain, therefore, I am." this blog is for all of the beuatiful art that is in the world...while the stuff on my dashboard anyway.




Jake Shapes

jake just doesnt give a fuck

I’m honestly disturbed by some of Jake’s shape-shifting 



I am a feminist because
I don’t think this video could be much more relevant.



Latinotype Pack of 9 Fabulous Font Families.

This is simple awesome, Mighty Deals have released a bundle of one of my favourites type-foundries: Latinotype. Latinotype is a type-foundrie based on Chile with a team of very talented designers, many of their fonts have been featured here on betype, like the Trend Family which was on of the best fonts of the past year (and is included in this bundle), another one is Four Seasons made it in the list of best fonts and is included in this bundle. Just the normal price of one of this font families is more expensive than the whole bundle. Now you can get 9 beautiful families for $37 (almost 90% off). Even you can take the webfont version for extra bucks.

Get it here:


Unknown Artist - Anyone know the artist for this pic?


Unknown Artist - Anyone know the artist for this pic?




Jason Limon

Jason Limon is a painter and sculptor who has exhibited his artwork in galleries across the U.S. and in parts of Europe. He has had recent solo exhibitions in New York City, Chicago and Albuquerque. His current art follows stories based on mythological creatures and paranormal cryptids portrayed with a hint of humor with a dose of strangeness. You can often see his characters brought to life in dimensional form through his complex sculptures. Jason lives and works in San Antonio, Texas with his wife and two daughters.



In other news, water is wet.


In other news, water is wet.


Grandmother Tips

As every grandmother has some very good life advices and tips for hard situations so has the grannie of Chacho Puebla, typographer from Madrid, Spain. Hey says:”When you´re younger you think you´ll never fall into that same kind of discourse, until you find yourself talking about stupid (cliché) stuff with your kid, about how important school is and if you don´t have a degree you´re nobody.” The images and typography show what we maybe say to our grandchildren later on. Don’t forget: Don’t trust anyone who is using Xing as Social Media!” Enjoy them…

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